Financial Assistance

It is the policy of Family Center for Health Care to treat everyone equally regardless of ethnic status, age, gender, or any other factor in matters such as the extension of credit, collection procedures, and payment policies. All accounts must be paid in full within 30 days from the time of the first billing. If payments arrangements are made, you must abide by the Family Center for Health Care payment policy guidelines. 

Family Center for Health Care recognizes the inability of every person to have the financial resources to pay their medical bill in direct accordance with the payment policy. It is each patient’s responsibility to notify the facility if they do or do not have current and up to date health insurance or if they are unable to follow the payment policy guidelines.

Financial Assistance Programs:

Self-Pay Policy:

We request all self-pay patients pay for each office visit in full at the time of service. Self-pay patients who are uninsured will receive a 15% discount on all services performed.  This excludes services which include but are not limited to aesthetic or cosmetic medicine and elective procedures.

Prompt Pay Discount For Uninsured:

The Prompt Payment Discount is an additional discount offered for self pay patients who pay their balance in full at the time of service. The discount is determined based on the amount of the charges for the visit. The discounts are as follows:

Total Charges:                         Discount:
$0-$100                                   25%
$101-$250                                30%
$251+                                      35%

Payment Arrangements:

We are willing to work with patients who need help in meeting their financial obligations to the clinic.  If you are unable to pay your balance in full, please contact our billing department immediately to make Payment Arrangements. We require regular, monthly payments to keep accounts current. It is important to make regular payments to avoid action on your account such as collections.

Patients are required to make minimum monthly payments based on their account balances. The minimum monthly payment requirements are as follows:

$50 and below: Full Amount Due
$51-$100: Due in Three Months
$101-$250: Due in Six Months
$251-$500: Due in Nine Months
$501-$750: Due in Twelve Months
$751-$1,000: Due in Eighteen Months
$1,001+: Due in Twenty-Four Months

Sliding Fee:

The Sliding Fee Program is designed to assist patients who are without insurance and qualify financially.  Patients are required to fill out an application and provide supporting income documentation in order to qualify for the program. The family size, household income, liabilities, and assets are all taken into account. If approved, a portion of the total account balance is written off. This program is available to those individuals and families without health insurance.  

Early Detection Works:

The Early Detection Works Program pays for clinical breast exams, mammograms, pap tests, and diagnostic services for women who qualify. To determine eligibility, patients should call (877) 277-1368 and answer questions regarding age, income, and other medical information. If eligible, you will be assigned an enrollment number. Patients must be enrolled prior to services being provided.

Medication Assistance:

The Medication Assistance Programs are available to those without health insurance or prescription plans, although exceptions may apply. These programs are offered by drug manufacturers and others and provide medications at a discounted cost and often times at no cost for patients. In order to check eligibility, patients must meet with our Patient Medication Assistance Coordinator who will provide all necessary information. They can be contacted at (785) 462-6184 ext. 710, or through email at

Income Verification:

You will be asked to provide financial information regarding your income in order to qualify for assistance. Your financial assets and liabilities may also be considered when determining your ability to pay. We use poverty guidelines issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services to determine a person’s eligibility for financial assistance. For more information about our Financial Assistance Programs, please call our Patient Financial Counselor at (785) 462-6184, or email her at

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